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WeMind Psychiatry is Sweden´s second largest psychiatric care organization. We provide assessment and treatment for all kinds of psychiatric problems, including psychosis, bipolar disorders, neuropsychiatric disorders, anxiety, depression and personality disorders. WeMind Psychiatry consist of 15 care units in 4 county councils.

We were founded in 2007 and have since then contributed to improving availability to modern psychiatric care.

Today there exists effective and evaluated treatments for most psychiatric problems. Our mission is of trying to improve the availability to these treatments, especially for those patients who need them the most.

We prioritize a high availability to care. Our goal is to answer each phone call within a few minutes, to answer each referral within 4 days, and to give every new patient a first appointment within 30 days from the time of the referral.

We focus on the individual patient meeting, and our goal is that at least four out of five patients shall be satisfied or very satisfied with our care.

93,3 % of our patients would recommend WeMind Psychiatry to other people.

WeMind Psychiatry work on behalf of the Swedish county councils and we want to work closely with our patients and other care providers, to develop tomorrow´s available, equal and effective psychiatric care.

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